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A collaborative vision of two men once a world apart.

Meet The Leadership Team

The Opportunity Center has acquired 22 acres of developable land, received its 501c3 status, established a Board of Directors, hired a President & CEO and starting staff, and has updated pro forma, market analysis and feasibility studies in preparation for an aggressive $100,000,000 capital campaign, to include a scholarship fund.

Our Board Members

Franklin Cumberbatch


Damian buchman

Board Chair/ Interim Executive Director / Co-Founder

Scott Luber


moshe katz

Board Director

h. carl mueller

board director

Mark Sain

board director

patrick lubar

board director

Samantha Maldonado

vice chair

Joshua Parish

board director

Jacqueline Hrovat

board director

Sadat Khan


Our Staff

Courtney Rogaczewski

Organizational Consultant

Interested In Board Positions?

To date, commitments from local funders, including Bader Philanthropies and the Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust, has raised more than $6 million. Public funding will account for 30% of the project budget and include $8 million in new market tax credits along with funding from the city, county and state and federal economic development funds.

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Guided by their life experiences & blessings; Founders Damian and Frank are simply honored to deliver an equitable and inclusive “opportunity” to ALL.

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